In an effort to better serve our customers, SIGNSTAR offers a complete turnkey approach to signage solutions.

Our customer care representatives specializing in many different areas of the sign industry, take the customer through the process from initial drawings to final installation and into future maintenance. With an initial consultation we organize the customers’ wants, needs, and requirements, so that together we may begin to develop a specific sign program.

We utilize value engineering in the design phase to optimize the customer’s investment and maintain product effectiveness.

We involve all our department managers to take advantage of all our resources. We coordinate with the different municipalities to ensure that the sign design will meet the specific sign code requirements.

Once the designs have received the customer’s approval, the process continues on- The construction and engineered drawings are developed to specify the bill of materials and engineering requirements that are required throughout the country. A project coordinator is assigned and again the customer is contacted to review the construction and engineering specifications.

Upon approval, the designs enter into our permitting department. When permits are obtained, the customer is sent an acknowledgement, and the program moves into the manufacturing phase, at the same time, the installation department is notified to begin coordinating schedules and inspections.

Product quality is constantly reviewed and analyzed to assure consistent sign products.

Throughout the process, the project manager keeps the customer informed on the progress of the project.

The signs are installed on time as promised and the project manager performs a quality assurance check. The customer is then given a sign program care package including the as built drawings, permit copies, completion photos, sign care instructions and warranty information.